RPA Energy


[RPA Energy]9https://rpaenergy.tumblr.com/) is a New York City-based energy solutions and utilities services provider serving clients in five states. Over the course of nine years of operation the company has developed a number of different plans involving electricity and natural gas, and also offers a variety of green energy products for both residential and business use. These various customizable options, along with multiple pricing options, allow the company to meet the specific needs of each RPA Energy client.

The licensed green electricity and natural gas supplier offers products and services at both a fixed price and variable month to month prices. Fixed pricing options are a great choice for customers interested in safeguarding their energy budget against a fluctuating market. Variable pricing options, meanwhile, provide a flexibility that is not hampered by termination fees. Furthermore, clients can switch from variable pricing to a fixed rate at any time. More information about PRA Energy's products and pricing is available at www.rpa-energy.com.